Will leverage next generation technologies, spur workforce development, seed small businesses

NHanced Semiconductors announces a new office in the Westgate Technology Park in Odon, Indiana, adjacent to the Naval Surface Warfare Center – Crane Division. The site will focus on “Foundry 2.0” – a new manufacturing model for custom integrated circuits.

Foundry 2.0 extends Moore’s Law with 3D integration, advanced packaging, and chiplets instead of relying on ever-smaller transistors. Its system level solutions minimize costs and risks while offering superior performance. NHanced President Bob Patti says: “Foundry 2.0 can reduce development costs for leading edge chips by up to 3 orders of magnitude.”
NHanced plans a phased effort at Westgate. The company is working with various US Government entities, the State of Indiana and its educational institutions, and US-based semiconductor manufacturers. The endeavor has several goals:

  • create a knowledge-based semiconductor nexus in Indiana
  • directly address the US government’s unique semiconductor needs
  • bring split-fab wafer finishing and advanced packaging to the Westgate complex
  • foster innovation in platform technologies and chiplets
  • drive workforce development and promote small high-tech business

About NHanced Semiconductors: NHanced Semiconductors, Inc., is a US-based design and manufacturing innovator with deep expertise in cutting edge semiconductor technologies. Its extensive experience in advanced packaging includes 3D-ICs, silicon interposers, 2.5D, chiplets, additive silicon manufacturing, photonics, microfluidics, etc. The manufacturing facility specializes in BEoL and advanced packaging, working with an unusually large variety of materials.

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NHanced Semiconductors, Inc., holds a deep library of technical expertise in cutting edge semiconductor technologies.…

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