ECTC Meeting Goes Virtual

For those that have not seen the announcement, the Electronics Component Technology Conference (ECTC) held annually the first week of June has been canceled. At the time of this writing, they are trying to assemble video presentations from the submissions and have a virtual conference. We’ll have to see how that works out. IFTLE will attempt to view those presentations and will give our readers coverage of any important announcements.

IMAPS Device Packaging Conference

In what might end up being the last global Microelectronic Packaging meeting till the fall, the annual IMPAPS Device Packaging Conf (DPC) took place outside Phoenix in mid-March.

Under the leadership of General Chair Rama Puligadda of Brewer Science, the conference ran three parallel sessions on “3D Integration”, “Fan-out, WLP, and Flip Chip” and “Advanced and Emerging Materials for Automotive, 5G & Next-Gen Applications”. In the next few blogs IFTLE will take a look at some of the presentations that were given over those 2.5 days. First the plenary lectures…

Samsung Advanced Packaging and Chiplets

Max Min of Samsung, in his plenary lecture, discussed “Integrated Packaging Technologies for High-Performance Computing”. He showed an interesting slide comparing mobile bandwidth requirements vs HPC / AI bandwidth requirements.

Samsung advanced packaging and chiplets

He noted that Samsung has qualified a 3DIC SRAM-on-logic package.

He pointed towards future advanced packaging and chiplet technology and how moving the Serdes interface from an HBM memory stack could result in a 4X reduction in signal loss and a 4X increase in allowable speed.

Samsung advanced packaging and chiplets

When examining packaging challenges he noted that these more complex packages required a more careful examination of electrical issues such as IR drop, cross talk noise, signal degradation and power supply induced voltage noise; thermal issues, and mechanical issues such as those highlighted below.

Marvell Advanced Packaging and Chiplets

In his plenary lecture Wolfgang Sauter, who moved with the IBM ASIC business to Marvell, examined how to “Get  More out of the Package”. He pointed out that nowadays products are driven by packages, not chips, and how in turn is changing the historical chip/package cost structure.

In terms of chiplet technology, he offered the comment that “ transition to chiplets has begun and will continue to gain momentum.” Recall Marvell was a pioneer in the concept of chiplet technology which they called  “MoChi”.  Being a member of the DARPA CHIPS community, which has been supporting chiplet technology for 5+ years, IFTLE favors the term chiplet which puts me at odds with my good friend Subu Iyer of UCLA who is on the “dielet” bandwagon. At this point, IFTLE observes that the packaging community has accepted the term “chiplet” and is not using either MoChi or “dielets” as the common term. For instance, both AMD and Intel, at the recent IEEE ISSCC meeting both used the term chiplet to describe their new technologies.

For all the latest in Advanced Packaging Technology stay linked to IFTLE………………………….


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