Yole Développement (Yole) confirms the consolidation of the advanced packaging industry, that is showing a steady growth in revenue of +7% between 2016 and 2022. “Advanced packaging is showing a total revenue CAGR higher than the total packaging industry (3-4%), semiconductor industry (4-5%) and generally the global electronics industry (3-4%)”, comments Andrej Ivankovic, Technology & Market Analyst at Yole. “Companies are today managing production costs and enlarging their portfolio. In parallel, advanced packaging players are expanding their activities toward the emerging markets thanks to mergers and acquisitions…,” he adds. Therefore, the advanced packaging industry is showing drivers including IoT, automotive industry, 5G connectivity, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence,…
What are the advanced packaging market drivers and latest market dynamics? What are the emerging market segments targeted by the leaders to diversify their activities? What are the technology moves? How will the advanced packaging market affect the semiconductor industry evolution? Advanced packaging solutions could enable the development of future semiconductor products and so boost the global semiconductor industry…

Yole’s advanced packaging team releases its Status of the Advanced Packaging Industry Report this month. In this 2017 edition, analysts propose an overview the industry, its disruptions, and opportunities. They analyze the latest technology trends and forecasts. Yole’s team also reviews the supply chain and offers a detailed description and analysis of leading company strategies, especially the shifting business models. Yole’s report includes a technical roadmap, showing an analysis per advanced packaging platform along with an analysis of future production and developments in the timeframe 2017-2022.

Andrej Ivankovic from Yole, author of this technology & market report, will present a closer look at the ASE Tech Forum @ Nijmegen. ASE’s conference takes place on June 28, in Van der Valk Hotel, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. During one day, ASE invites you to explore key areas of its IC, SiP and MEMS packaging portfolio, developed in alignment with emerging applications. Innovative technologies, such as fan-out, flip chip, and 3D  will be detailed as well as collaboration opportunities collaboration: Full program & registration.

“We are very pleased to welcome our network at the ASE Tech Forum @ Nijmegen on June 28,”, asserts Jean-Marc Yannou, Technical Director at ASE Europe. ASE is developing a unique one-day program to present our innovative portfolio and including networking times and technology demonstrations. We are looking forward to welcoming the advanced packaging companies and get relevant discussions and debates.”

“The fastest growing advanced packaging platform is FO with 36% followed by 2.5D/3D TSV with 28%”, announces Andrej Ivankovic from Yole. “Therefore FO platforms and 2.5D/3D TSV solutions are expected to exceed respectively US$3 billion and US$ 1.3 billion by 2022.”
The FC platform is by far the largest, accounting for 81% of advanced packaging revenue with US$19.6 billion in 2017, however, a lower 5% revenue growth indicates that penetration of primarily FO packages will decrease FC market share to 74% by 2022. The revenue forecast translates to an advanced packaging wafer forecast of 8% and a 9% unit count, CAGR during the period 2016-2022. Advanced packages will continue to dominantly address high-end logic and memory in computing and telecom, with further penetration in analog and RF in high-end consumer/mobile segments, while eyeing opportunities in growing automotive and industrial segments.

The shifts in the semiconductor supply chain are results of preparations for future uncertainty and search for other value flows. Several mergers and acquisitions have been made in an attempt to offer a more complete and diversified portfolio while keeping control of costs and potential losses. Furthermore, in search of additional revenue, new business models are appearing or expanding…

A detailed description of the “Status of Advanced Packaging” report is now available on i-micronews.com, advanced packaging reports section.

The “More than Moore “ market research and strategy consulting company Yole, invites you to attend the ASE Tech Forum @ Nijmegen, meet advanced packaging experts and discover the status of industry with Andrej Ivankovic’s presentation including an overview of technology and market trends, a detailed analysis of the role of advanced packaging in future semiconductor applications. Andrej will also reveal the future requirements for advanced packaging in the IoT era, multi-die integration (especially SiP) and implications for technology and the supply chain. The end of his presentation will be dedicated to the position of the European semiconductor industry and future opportunities. Full program & registration.

Source: www.yole.fr

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