SPTS's Sigma fxP PVD system

NEWPORT, UK, November 3, 2016 | SPTS Technologies, an Orbotech company and a supplier of advanced wafer-processing solutions for the global semiconductor and related industries, today announced that it has received an order from NANIUM, S.A., a Portugal-based semiconductor manufacturing, test and engineering services provider, for a 300mm Sigma fxP PVD system to expand NANIUM’S Fan-out Wafer Level Packaging (FOWLP) capacity. Following the successful evaluation of the Sigma fxP PVD system for deposition of redistribution layers (RDL) for FOWLP production, NANIUM selected SPTS’s PVD solution as the new process tool of record (PTOR) for their 300mm wafer-level fan-out line.

SPTS's Sigma fxP PVD system
SPTS’s Sigma fxP PVD system

“Fan-out wafer-level packaging is rapidly becoming the packaging solution of choice for mobile applications as it provides semiconductor manufacturers with cost-effective and flexible high density packaging schemes,” said Kevin Crofton, President of SPTS Technologies and Corporate Vice President at Orbotech. “NANIUM has been at the forefront of the growth of FOWLP. The addition of our 300mm Sigma PVD system will enable NANIUM to meet the accelerating demand from mobile device customers as well as address growing interest from IC manufacturers targeting automotive and medical applications.”

“NANIUM is committed to delivering creative, reliable and cost-effective wafer-level packaging solutions by combining world-class expertise with leading-edge equipment,” stated Steffen Kroehnert, Director of Technology at NANIUM. “SPTS’s Sigma fxP PVD system is the recognized leader for FOWLP packaging schemes and has a well-established track record in volume production. To remain competitive in a cost-sensitive industry and deliver the quality and level of customer service expected by our customers, we must adopt the latest technologies and equipment to secure our position as one of the leading proponents of FOWLP.  SPTS’s 300mm Sigma PVD solution offers superior performance and lower cost of ownership than competing PVD systems and is a valuable addition to our portfolio of solutions.”

About Sigma fxP PVD

The Sigma fxP is a cluster PVD system used by device manufacturers in various end markets including power management, MEMS and RF devices.  In semiconductor packaging, the Sigma fxP deposits RDL and under bump metals (UBM) for Cu micropillar and TSV’s, plus TSV liner/barrier for 3DWLP.  For FOWLP, the system carries a Multi Wafer Degas (MWD) for low temperature, high productivity degas of epoxy mold compound.  Its SE-LTX etch module pre-cleans organic films with twice the mean wafers between cleans (MWBC) compared to competing systems.  For more information please see http://www.spts.com/tech-insights/advanced-packaging/fowlp.

To learn more about SPTS’s Sigma fxP PVD solutions, and full range of industry leading etch, deposition, and inkjet  solutions for advanced packaging applications visit http://www.spts.com/Markets/Advanced-Packaging and the Resources library to access published papers and presentations.


NANIUM is a world-class provider of semiconductor assembly, packaging, test, engineering and manufacturing services. The company started as Siemens Semiconductors back in 1996 and nowadays is a leader in 300mm Wafer-Level Packaging (WLP), both Fan-In/WLCSP and Fan-Out/WLFO. NANIUM offers in-house capabilities for the entire development chain, from design to multiple Wafer-Level Packaging technologies, and the flexibility to tailor and test solutions that respond to the most demanding customer requirements. The company is based near Porto, Portugal, and has offices in Dresden, Germany and Boston, USA. For more information visit www.nanium.com

Company Contact: media@nanium.com

About Orbotech Ltd.

Orbotech Ltd. (NASDAQ:ORBK) is a global innovator of enabling technologies used to manufacture the world’s most sophisticated consumer and industrial electronic products. Orbotech is a leading provider of yield enhancement and production solutions for electronics reading, writing and connecting, used by manufacturers of printed circuit boards, flat panel displays, advanced packaging, micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), RF devices, power semiconductors, and other electronic components. Orbotech’s solutions include automated optical inspection and shaping, direct imaging, laser drilling, Inkjet printing, array test and repair, yield management, and etch and deposition wafer process solutions. Today, virtually every electronic device in the world is produced using Orbotech systems. For more information, visit http://www.orbotech.com/ and www.spts.com

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