Dynastrip DL9150The newly released Dynastrip™ DL9150 is a non-TMAH containing multi-purpose photoresist and post-etch residue remover. With outstanding cleaning and metal compatibility, this product raises the bar for achieving environmental, health, and safety compliance while also performing as well as comparable products that contain TMAH.

Dynaloy’s new solvent, Dynastrip DL9150, has demonstrated excellent results for the stripping of difficult-to-remove, thick photoresist films used in the fabrication of bump metallurgy for 2.5D and 3D ICs. The use of this solvent with Veeco Precision Surface Processing soak-and-spray technology has effectively stripped the photoresist, and shown good compatibility with a variety of metallurgies. The biggest advantage of this new formulation is from an EH&S (environmental, health, and safety) perspective since it does not contain TMAH (tetramethyl ammonium hydroxide) and is, therefore, safer to use in a production environment.

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Date this Product was Introduced to the market: May, 2014
Category Product is being Nominated for: Materials
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