broadpak copy copyIndustry’s first 2.5D/3D security IP from BroadPak provides trusted security and resilience needed for critical 2.5D/3D system integration and prevents hijacking of critical data. This new technology is shifting the paradigm in semiconductor industry and enables chip makers and system companies to develop new generations of secure products. This breakthrough technology prevents reverse engineering of the 2.5D/3D packages and blocks unauthorized access to confidential data.

There is no doubt that 2.5D/3D integration is the future of semiconductor industry, however, 2.5D/3D integration is increasingly vulnerable to security breaches due to globalization of die design, manufacturing and assembly processes and is emerging as catalysis for intruders. Given the breath and magnitude of the threat facing the 2.5D/3D industry, BroadPak security IP was introduced to address the threat at its root. The IP helps proliferate the adoption of 2.5D/3D integration for mission critical applications as well as consumer industry.

Broadpak Website
Date this Product was Introduced to the market: July-9-2014
Category Product is Being Nominated for: Devices (including interposer, 3D IC, 3D Memory, Heterogeneous Integration)
Technical Documentation for 2.5D/3D Package Security IP


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