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The ONTOS7 Atmospheric Plasma Surface Preparation Tool removes native oxides, residual organics or other bond-inhibiting films at atmospheric ambient prior to bonding.  Proven effective on many elemental metals and their alloys, this tool cleans and passivates bonding surfaces rapidly and safely without damaging critical layers.

To achieve high-density 3D IC, designers commonly use very small metal or solder bumps to provide connections between levels of chips or substrates. At these aggressive dimensions, electrical and mechanical bond integrity are critical, but hampered by native oxides as well as residual organic films. The ONTOS7 employs an atmospheric plasma which operates with user-selectable gas mixtures to prepare and passivate surfaces prior to critical processes such as bonding, plating or deposition. Already proven with surfaces such as SnAg, SnAgCu, Cu, Ni, Ag, Au, In and others, the process is very fast since the plasma is generated at an atmospheric ambient. Customers have begun to use this process to replace prior techniques such as fluxes, acid dips, or vacuum-based plasmas since the ONTOS7 can clean small, intricate bump surfaces without residue and without risk of harming sensitive components from typical arc discharge or vacuum plasmas.

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