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FormFactor’s NanoPierce™ contactor is a socket solution for direct testing of TSVs and micro-bump arrays for 3D IC integration. A disruptive test technology designed specifically for TSV applications, it is being used by semiconductor manufacturers in their TSV development programs. The technology was honored earlier this year at the IEEE VLSI Test Symposium in Berkeley when a FormFactor paper presented on the topic captured the “Best Paper Award”.

Testing of Through Silicon Via (TSV) and Micro-Bump (MB) devices by physical connection through the TSVs presents unique challenges due to the very high density of the connections, and the potential impact of
contact testing on subsequent assembly steps. In addition, the very high signal counts that are the main benefit of TSV connection schemes make conventional wafer probing largely impractical. This is especially so for memory devices which demand very high parallelism at production wafer sort.

FormFactor’s NanoPierce™ contactor enables the creation of known good TSV dies for high-yield stacking and known good TSV stacks for shipment to system assemblers to achieve high-yield assembly. Combining this socket solution with existing full-wafer contact probe solutions enables a complete TSV test flow. In addition, standard TSV interface designs and patterns can enable standard sockets. The NanoPierce™ contactor is highly scalable and easy to fabricate at very dense pitches down to 20µm. The contactor relies on many small contact points within one contact pad and good electrical connection can be achieved at low contact forces with minimal surface damage.

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