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CielSpot, CielSpot-CTM and CielMech are thermal and mechanical simulation Software As A Service (SAAS) products based on Cielution’s innovative Cloud based collaboration platform. Users define 3D IC stacking, process and power distribution details at the Cielution online portal to implement complex, but necessary design methodologies with minimal effort.

“I work as Advanced Thermal Technologist in the 3D IC technology pathfinding group at Qualcomm. Part of my work involves evaluating the power-performance-cost benefits of 3D IC products. Despite having performed thermal modeling using commercial CFD software for many years, the diversity of my current responsibilities make it difficult for me to spend time on the repetitive modeling tasks demanded by general purpose software. CielSpot is a powerful Cloud based service which can eliminate time on repetitive tasks such as meshing, geometry construction and scripting automation. What can be even more important than the time saving advantages is the potential for power-thermal optimization from CielSpot-CTM. The CTM methodology implemented in CielSpot-CTM is well suited to the thermally aware IC design needs of the evolving 3D IC technologies.” Mulugeta Berhe, Ph.D. Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

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