As the 3D standards initiative continues to gain traction within a number of participating organizations including SEMI, SEMATECH, JEDEC, IEEE, The 3D IC Alliance, and Si2, a new resource has been launched by SEMATECH to keep track if it all. Dubbed the 3D Standards Dashboard, this Wiki site was established to identify areas where standards work is going on, as well as needs for standards.

Management of the site falls under the jurisdiction of Richard Allen, who leads the SEMATECH activities in 3D standards development and is directly involved with various SEMI activities in the 3DS-IC Committee. The purpose of this wiki is “to provide an open forum to discuss the issues which must be resolved before high-volume implementation of 3D integrated circuits becomes a reality.” And by the looks of the various standards committees reporting in here, there’s a lot more that’s been done than we thought. Allen explained that each of the Standards Development Organizations shown on the site has assigned a person to provide updates. He provides the updates for the SEMI Committee meetings, and was happy to report that a second 3D standard was approved at the SEMI meetings in September (SEMI MS5-1211 – Test Method for Wafer Bond Strength Measurements Using Micro-Chevron Test Structures), bringing the grand total of published 3D IC standards by various organizations up to 5 (two JEDEC, two SEMI, one 3D IC Alliance); four in various stages of final approval, and a good number that have been organized and are on target.

The 3D Standards Dashboard is proving to be a useful resource to avoid ovelap. “We get a consistent flow of traffic – averaging about 60 unique visitors/day over the past three months,” noted Allen, which for a narrow topic scope is pretty good. 3D InCites will be adding a link from the home page to help promote the site. Be sure to check it out. ~ F.v.T.

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