I woke up to some especially good news this morning. Yann Guillou of ST Ericsson has accepted our invitation to join the 3D InCites Advisory Board. I’m very excited about this, because Yann was one of the first individuals to become a member of the site, has been active in discussions, and already contributed several blog posts, covering events that I wasn’t able to attend. So I’m happy to be able to acknowledge that support by making it official. I also have him to thank for recruiting Xavier Baraton, of ST Micoelectronics, as a panelist in next week’s discussion on 3D Packaging.

If you don’t know Yann, he leads strategic activities within the CTO office of ST-Ericsson. His main interest is 3D integration and Advanced Packaging. He started his career at CEA-Leti before joining ST Microelectronics and successively worked at ST-NXP Wireless and ST Ericsson. He’s been published in various industry journals, and actively participates in many conferences and symposiums. I look forward to his continued participation on 3D InCites.

I’m just so fired up about next week’s discussion, I can hardly stand it. We’ve got a great panel lined up across the supply chain to update us on the latest in 3D packaging technologies, so I expect that this could be our most lively forum yet. I hope you all follow along throughout the week as your schedule allows, and that you login and participate as well. (If you still haven’t become a registered member, you can register here.) This is an opportunity to address the panelists on a myriad of topics related to PoP, 3D SiP, and 3D WLP.

The beauty of this asynchronous discussion format that we’ve adopted on 3D InCites is that it allows for participation according to your schedule, wherever you are in the world. You’ll notice our panelists will be participating from around the globe: Lee Smith and Bioh Kim are both located in Arizona, Nicolas Sillon and Claudio Truzzi are in France, and Flynn Carson and Xavier Baraton will both be checking in from Singapore. If these guys can fit this in to their busy schedules, then surely you all can. – F.v.T.

PS. By the way, have you noticed all the activity on 3D InCites lately? We’ve picked up almost 100 new members in the last month – up to 245 and growing.Site traffic has increased significantly with almost 2500 visits in the past month. I can hardly catch my breath. Stay tuned, there’s more to come.

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