Microtech Ventures

Microtech Ventures is focused on strategic venture capital, angel investing, and M&A advisory services. Our mission is to accelerate the development of MEMS, sensors, and microtechnologies for the advancement of civilization and the creation of market value. Our deep industry knowledge and extensive network, combined with practical hands-on strategy experience, enables us to quickly identify the connections that result in multiple opportunities to maximize ownership value and ensure successful outcomes. Microtech Ventures was formed in 2017 to fulfill the need for companies in the industry to turn to a knowledgeable entity capable of identifying and orchestrating high value, mutually beneficial deals. Our team has an extensive background and experience in the MEMS, sensors, and microtechnology space, including the founding and operation of MEMS Journal in 2003, now the largest MEMS publication in the world, as well as executive management of sensor and MEMS companies for the past two decades. We also have been hosting industry-leading conferences covering key MEMS, sensors, and microtechnologies topics, including strategic and business discussions.

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