My name is Devan Mederios, and I recently had an eight-month-long internship at Mosaic Microsystems. I had an incredible experience working with this organization and have learned so much.

I am a chemical engineering major at RIT, and at Mosaic, I was able to able to apply a lot of the knowledge I had learned from school. Personally, learning on the job is much more enjoyable to me than learning in a classroom, and Shelby Nelson and David Levy both took me under their wing and allowed me to learn and grow as an engineer. I am very grateful to them for trusting me and allowing me to play such a significant role in the company.

One of the first things Shelby explained to me when I started was that I am here for a reason, and that was to help Mosaic grow. Knowing I was an integral part of the organization really drove me to be the best every day.

The work environment at Mosaic was one of a kind. Being a small company, I had the chance to connect to each employee. This was important to me because it leads to better communication, better teamwork, and an overall better experience.

Kyle Liddle was one of the employees’ I formed a great relationship with. He and I had great communication in the lab, leading to high efficiency when it came to getting the product out the door and to the customer. Being in an environment where everyone got along exceptionally was one of the best parts about working at Mosaic.

Another aspect I enjoyed at Mosaic was the fact that I was always keeping busy. Never was there a moment on the job where I found myself at my desk twiddling my thumbs. If I needed some extra work, not only did Shelby or David find me something to do, but it wasn’t just busy work they would have me do. They would give me work that needed to be done to help the organization in the long run. So, all the work I did at Mosaic was important and that made me feel great about myself.

Overall, my experience at Mosaic was 10/10 and I would recommend any aspiring engineer to work for them. I learned so much about the microelectronics industry, as well as chemical engineering. Shelby and David were great at making me an integral part of the team by incorporating me in many of the meetings and allowing me to voice my thoughts and opinions on the process. Together, the teamwork we had was great and led to high efficiency in the lab, and quality products provided to the customer. I am forever grateful for the opportunity, thanks to the team at Mosaic.

Devan Mederios

Devan Mederios is a chemical engineering student at Rochester Institute of Technology. He recently completed…

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