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12 Projects Signed in Hunan Province

The signing ceremony for 12 major investment projects with a total investment of 3.45 billion yuan was held in Taoyuan County, Changde, City of Hunan. Some of the highlighted projects include Meichu’s display screen production line, Shidi Technology’s smart screen production line, LianDiTong Technology’s intelligent terminal products production line, Weihong Technology’s electronic components production line, and DingLiYuan Electronic Technology’s electronic product production line.

The Meichu project, an investment by Hunan Meichu Photoelectric Technology Co. Ltd., is in the Diwen Science and Technology Park. The new facility will build intelligent serial display screens using a planned investment of 120 million yuan.

Shidi Technology’s smart screen production line, using an investment of 100 million yuan from Hunan Shidi Technology Co. Ltd. will build smart GU solutions integrating CPU core driven smart screen lines, software, and hardware.

LianDiTong Technology’s project represents a 100-million-yuan investment from Hunan LianDiTong Technology Co. Ltd. It will focus on secondary software development of Diwen smart display screens and build various intelligent terminal products production lines.

Weihong Technology’s project is also comprised of a 100-million-yuan investment from Hunan Weihong Technology Co. Ltd. to build electronic components production lines.

DingLiYuan Electronic Technology’s project is a 100-million-yuan investment from Hunan DingLiYuan Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. Also in Diwen Electronic Information Industry Park, the facility will be comprised of electronic components and other production lines.

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19 Major Integrated Circuit Projects Singed in Wuxi

A signing ceremony for 19 major integrated circuit projects was held on October 7 in the Wuxi High-Tech Zone. The projects comprise a total investment of 30.34 billion yuan.

Among the signed projects are CR MICRO’s semiconductor wafer manufacturing project, Lead Group’s semiconductor research and manufacturing of MOCVD and ALD deposition equipment, as well as high-end epitaxy equipment, and Wuxi’s IoT Innovation Center MEMS advanced sensing research center project.

The total investment of Lead Group’s projects will be 10 billion yuan and it will build an advanced manufacturing institute to attract global high-end technical talent for the research and development of high-end products such as integrated circuits, new energy equipment, and more.

The MEMS advanced perception research center in the Wuxi Internet of Things Innovation Center will carry out the research, product development, and trial production of key common technologies of advanced perception of the Internet of Things. It will provide services such as MEMS special process development, consumer products, and high-end sensor products.

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10 Projects Signed in Ganzhou Economy and Development Zone

On October 11 the Jiangxi Ganzhou Economic Development Zone held a signing ceremony for the tenth batch of investment projects there. During the ceremony, 10 projects were signed with a total investment of 6 billion yuan.

Projects include the Shenzhen Jixin Electronics Co. Ltd.’s smart manufacturing, Shenzhen Yinxiangtong Technology Co. Ltd.’s touch and display screen full fit assembly production, and Huayuan International Trading Investment Ltd.’s electronic component manufacturing and sales facility.

The smart manufacturing project of Shenzhen Jixin Electronics will focus on research, manufacturing, and sales of SMT mounts, electronic terminal products, display screens, and more with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan.

The touch and display screen full fit assembly production project of Shenzhen Yinxiangtong Technology will manufacture touch screens and display screens for automotive, smart terminals, medical devices, and more. The project has a total investment of 1.1 billion yuan.

The electronic components manufacturing and sales project of Huayuan International Trading Investment will mainly manufacture electronic devices, optical lenses, camera modules, display components, and supporting products and has a total investment of 15 million dollars.

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