On behalf of the entire Program and Executive Committees, it is my pleasure to invite and welcome all of you to attend IEEE’s 70th Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC), starting on June 03 – only one week away! Not only is ECTC 2020 the largest global microelectronic packaging industry event; it is a long-standing conference that is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. We are very excited to bring it to you for free, and in a virtual format, thanks to the hard work of all the people involved, from our speakers, to our program and executive Committees members, our sponsors, and media partners, as well as IEEE EPS sponsoring organization.

What Makes ECTC the Go-to Microelectronics Event?

We all look forward to participating in ECTC every year. it is an extraordinary event where we know that the latest industry developments will be presented, and emerging applications will be covered. There is always plenty to learn and do, with various activities to keep you busy while still finding some time to relax and network, catch up with your friends and colleagues from the industry and meet new contacts from all over the world. This is what makes ECTC a premier conference and the top go-to conference every year for this industry.

Given the global pandemic, we thought it will be even more important this year to stay connected within this great community and find ways to bring this conference to the industry. While many other conferences, in our industry and others, were canceled for very good reasons, we decided, knowing how special this event is for our entire packaging community, to do everything possible to hold it.

Organizing this conference involves year-long activities of around 250 industry experts volunteering as part of the Program and the Executive Committees. It takes a lot of support and dedication for each of these volunteers to organize ECTC, and a big thank you, and appreciation goes out to all of them (Figure 1).

ECTC 2020 Executive Committee
Executive Committee (picture from the November 2019 meeting in Dallas where the abstracts are being selected and the sessions are formed):
– from left to right starting with the row in the back (standing): Mark Poliks – Jr. Past General Chair (Binghamton University); Alan Huffman – Exhibits Chair (Micross Advanced Interconnect Technology; Lisa Renzi Ragar – Conference Management (Renzi & Company), Tom Reynolds – Treasurer (T3 Group), Kitty Pearsall – PDC Chair (Boss Precision), Pat Thompson – Finance Chair (Texas Instruments), Eric Perfecto – Publicity Chair (IBM)
– left to right – sitting at the table: Henning Braunish – Publications Chair (Intel), Chris Bower – General Chair (X-Display); Nancy Stoffel – Vice General Chair (GE Research), Ibrahim Guven – Assistant Program Chair (Virginia Commonwealth University) and Rozalia Beica – Program Chair (AT&S); other members of the Ex. Committee not in the picture: Sam Karikalan – Sr. Past General Chair (Broadcom), Wolfgang Sauter – Sponsorship Chair (Marvell Semiconductor), Karlheinz Block – IT Coordinator (TU Dresden), CP Wong – EPS Representative (Georgia Institute of Technology).

IEEE Electronics Packaging Society (EPS), which is the sponsoring organization of this event, together with IEEE Event Emergency Response Team (EERT) and Meetings, Conferences and Events (MCE) representatives have been instrumental in helping us navigate through this situation and find the right tools to bring and offer this event virtually this year. In addition, we had overwhelmingly positive feedback from our sponsors and speakers and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved for helping make this year’s conference possible and, what we believe, it will be a very special one.

For those of you who have not had a chance yet to experience ECTC, first of all, you have no idea what you have missed so far!  However, the good news is, this year, the conference will be open and free to all of you interested in microelectronics packaging. It will also be available in a longer format beginning on June 3rd and running throughout the entire month of June. This should give everyone who is interested in this conference, besides the daily work and activities, enough time to explore and watch, on-demand, the program we have put together for you.

What to expect at ECTC 2020:

  • 350 technical papers from scientists and engineers from all over the world presenting their latest developments and technical innovations
  • Our esteemed keynote presentation, this year featuring Dr. Douglas Yu from TSMC
  • Special sessions with international experts from industry, academia and research institutes sharing their insights and vision on some of the most exciting technologies and growing applications: 3D IC, Photonics, Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence
  • A special session focused on The Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap activities
  • A diversity and career special session focused on best practices to enhance innovation, creativity and productivity
  • Materials and on-demand videos provided by our corporate sponsors
  • Opportunities to interact, within each session, with colleagues around the world, send questions to speakers and leave feedback on your favorite presentations

Whether you are an engineer, a scientist, a manager, a student, a marketer, or an executive, ECTC 2020 offers something unique for everyone in the microelectronics packaging and components industry. It brings the entire supply chain, from semiconductor and electronics manufacturing companies, design houses, foundry and OSAT service providers, substrate makers, equipment manufacturers, material suppliers, research institutions, and universities, together in one virtual event. For those of you planning to participate,  you are in for a treat! Take advantage of the virtual conference to view and listen to your favorite topics and the latest innovation our speakers prepared and will bring to you!

We expect significantly larger audiences to participate in this forum (already passed 3000 registrants) compared to the in-person event. For more information on this event please visit our website and check out our technical program, subscribe to our mailing list, or follow us on the ECTC group on LinkedIn, and don’t forget to register here.

Let’s celebrate ECTC together with an even wider audience than ever before! Let’s push the Scale of Connectivity! Share the news with your network and help us make this year’s ECTC an unforgettable event!

We are looking forward to meeting you where you are! The same fantastic event now brought to your fingertips! Once again, thank you for being a part of the 70th ECTC! ~ Rozalia Beica, 70th ECTC Program Chair, AT&S



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