The die-attach equipment market is showing a 6% CAGR between 2018 and 2024”, announces Santosh Kumar, Principal Analyst & Director Packaging, Assembly & Substrates, Yole Korea. “This industry will reach US$1.3 billion by 2024, fueled by the assembly and packaging opportunities created by semiconductor megatrends.”

The latest semiconductor manufacturing report from Yole Développement (Yole), Die Attach Equipment Market, is a report dedicated to back-end packaging equipment with detailed technical roadmaps and a benchmarking of the related equipment. Die-attach is a key process step for all semiconductor packaging companies. Today it becomes more and more strategic, with a lot of issues as it regards all devices across various applications.

In this context, the market research and strategy consulting company proposes a comprehensive overview of this industry with technical insights and business trends. In this new report, Yole analysts segment and investigate the die attach equipment business by various parameters including bonding technologies and applications at the device level. This report reveals the competitive landscape with more than 70 companies identified and a detailed analysis of the supply chain. It is also a good opportunity to discover an in-depth analysis of the die bonder and flip-chip bonder markets.

Yole proposes you today to discover the status of the die-attach equipment market.

Today’s semiconductor megatrends include mobile devices, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), 5G wireless networking, high-performance computing (HPC), the Internet of Things (IoT) including industrial IoT, smart automotive, industry 4.0, and data centers. These applications create demand for electronics hardware, which requires high computing power, high speed, more bandwidth, low latency, low power, more functionality, more memory, system-level integration and a variety of sensors. Such trends create business opportunities across various electronic device packaging platforms. However advanced packaging has one of the best opportunities, as it can fulfill various performance and complex heterogeneous integration requirements.

Die attach is a key process step in semiconductor packaging. It covers all devices across various applications and is a key contributor to assembly cost.

“The die-attach equipment business will benefit from assembly and packaging opportunities created by the above-mentioned trends,” explains Kumar.

Die-attach equipment can be classified into two categories: die bonders and flip-chip (FC) bonders. The total market was worth US$979 million in 2018 and is expected to grow at 6% CAGR from 2018-2024 to reach US$1.3 billion. The FC bonder market will grow with a 12% CAGR to reach US$290 million in 2024 whereas the die bonder market will grow with a 5% CAGR to reach US$1.09 billion in 2024. By application, the highest growth is in the stacked memory bonder market, with a 24% CAGR, followed by optoelectronics, with a 12% CAGR, and logic, with an 8% CAGR.

In terms of technology, epoxy bonding dominates die-attach for wire-bond packaging, and related die bonders constituted around 85% of the total bonder market in 2018. However, epoxy bonding’s share will reduce to 53% by 2024. Eutectic bonding growth is driven by microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), high-power LEDs and optoelectronics applications. Chip to wafer (C2W) hybrid bonding is the emerging promising technology that can enable direct Cu-Cu bonding and has the potential to replace thermocompression bonding (TCB) for the 3D stacked memory and high end logic applications. However C2W hybrid bonding is still in its early stages level and is expected to hit the market in 2021 for stacked memory and in 2022/23 for logic devices with 2.5D structures. A full description of this report is now available on

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