EV Group (EVG), a leading supplier of wafer bonding and lithography equipment for the MEMS, nanotechnology and semiconductor markets, today announced that it is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its wholly owned subsidiary in Japan, EV Group Japan KK. Established in August 1997 in Yokohama, EV Group Japan has since expanded its presence to include offices in Fukuoka and a state-of-the-art applications lab in Yokohama for process and product demonstrations, as well as increased the number of employees in the country by nearly three-fold.

EV Group Japan headquarters
EV Group Japan K.K. headquarters at Yokohama Business Park

EV Group’s wafer bonding and lithography solutions have played an important role in supporting the Japanese semiconductor market as it has evolved from leading-edge logic and memory manufacturing to include the production of advanced MEMS, image sensors, power devices, optical components and high-functional materials. For example, the company’s GEMINI®FB fusion wafer bonders and EVG®40NT automated measurement systems are being utilized in Japan to support the manufacture of 3D-integrated CMOS image sensors. In addition, the EVG®850 and EVG®850LT automated production bonding systems for silicon-on-insulator (SOI) and direct wafer bonding are enabling substrate manufacturers in Japan to produce void-free, high-yielding SOI and engineered substrate wafers for low-power, high-switching-frequency and other enhanced-performance device applications.

As Japan gears up for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, expectations are high that visitors will witness a wide variety of technology innovations at the 2020 games. Examples may include: driverless taxi service; electronic passes known as the Wonder Japan Pass for entry to both the stadium and spectators’ hotels; smart streets with underground electrical lines that deploy street hubs for emergency information, Wi-Fi hotspots, and power outlets for pop-up businesses; and enhanced stadium security involving tens of thousands of fixed and mobile cameras and sensors. EVG’s process equipment and solutions enable the manufacture of the electronic devices that would power these various Smart City developments.

“EV Group has an extensive history in Japan supporting local universities, research institutes and device manufacturers at the forefront of micro- and nano-electronics technology,” stated Hermann Waltl, executive sales and customer support director at EV Group. “For the past 20 years, EVG Japan has achieved many important milestones, such as supporting the production of the world’s first back-side illuminated sensors with our wafer bonding equipment. EVG is proud to play a role in helping our partners and customers in Japan continue to shape this region as a center of innovation in automotive technology, energy, displays, telecommunications and information management.”

Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of EV Group Japan KK, EVG is hosting its annual EVG Technology Day event today in Yokohama. At this event, executives from EVG, TowerJazz Panasonic Semiconductor Co., SPP Technologies and ROHM Co., along with Dr. Masayoshi Esashi of the Tohoku University Micro System Integration Center, will present on the latest developments with EVG’s process solutions in supporting the production of MEMS, image sensors and other devices that are driving IoT/smart applications. For more information, please visit https://www.evgroup.com/en/about/events/evgtechdayjapan17/.

About EV Group (EVG)

EV Group (EVG) is a leading supplier of equipment and process solutions for the manufacture of semiconductors, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), compound semiconductors, power devices and nanotechnology devices. Key products include wafer bonding, thin-wafer processing, lithography/nanoimprint lithography (NIL) and metrology equipment, as well as photoresist coaters, cleaners and inspection systems. Founded in 1980, EV Group services and supports an elaborate network of global customers and partners all over the world. More information about EVG is available at www.EVGroup.com.

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EV Group (EVG) is a leading supplier of equipment and process solutions for the manufacture…

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