Every time someone asks me how my years experience I have, I tend to get evasive or try to turn it into something funny. At a recent conference, the speaker before me admitted that he is OLD and told us that he has 30 years of experience in semiconductors. When it was my turn I admitted that I am ANCIENT, because I have almost spent a decade more in our component-level semiconductor industry.

While I always strive for pretty diverse roles, I sometimes wonder what it would take to stick my head across the ” components partitions” around me and look at the world beyond component, more specifically the world of our semiconductor customers and even their customers, to better understand where we need to target. Such strategic moves are necessary for us, not only to remain relevant but more importantly to provide high-value solutions for companies buying our component and their customers buying and operating systems, even system networks  and the Internet of Things. No need to mention that providing higher value solutions correlates very well with higher profits.

On Monday, June 20 and the following Tuesday, 6/21, I’ll have the opportunity to look far beyond my components horizon. ASME’s IoT Connect, Internet of Things Intelligent Hardware Conference, will show how the Internet of Things will change customers’ requirements for our components. Convenient for Silicon Valley folks, the Santa Clara Marriott will host this conference and the keynote speakers listed on the website are:

  • Scott Scheeler, VP Switching Hardware at Cisco
  • Steven Campbell, CTO at Western Digital and
  • Ken Hansen, President and CEO at SRC (Semiconductor Research Corporation)

Enough said, please visit the ASME conference website and judge for yourself how beneficial it will be for you to attend this conference.

I hope to see you there! ~ Herb

Herb Reiter

After more than 20 years in technical and business roles at semiconductor and EDA companies,…

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