There are a some upcoming events in the realm of power electronics that promise to be very interesting and thought provoking for those interested in 3D packaging. Some of the best and brightest minds in the area of 3D packaging (including power electronics 3D packaging technologies) will be present.

3DPEIM is focused on the three dimensional design requirements of integrated power electronics. Other areas of focus beyond design include manufacturing processes, which will also be discussed. Additionally,  will also have tutorials and dialogue sessions designed to provoke detailed questions and answers. This is one of those rare conferences where you will engage with participants, presenters and suppliers to deeply understand power electronics packaging and 3D packaging challenges and opportunities. This conference also presents a great opportunity for Exhibitors and Sponsors reach attendees using table top displays. Bring your marketing materials, hands on demos and product samples but leave the booth at the office! You can find more information and register at See you in Raleigh on June 13-15 2016.

Another not-to-be-missed  event takes place in Madrid, Spain Oct 2 5th   2016, is the  International Workshop on Power Supply On Chip (PwrSoC). This is the leading international technical workshop dedicated to advancing integrated power conversion technologies. The workshop focuses on the integration of both modular and granular electronic power converters for multiple applications, by accessing a broad range of leading-edge technologies including 3D packaging technologies for active and passive components. Complete on-die integration and integration within package are of prime interest. System performance requirements required by current and emerging applications demand ever-greater current density, voltage regulation and optimized control, form factor reduction, high efficiency, and cost reduction.  Hope to see you there! ~ K. Parmenter  

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