By: Ehab Mohsen, Xilinx

To address the insatiable demand for bandwidth, the communications industry is accelerating development of Nx100G line cards for networking systems. In order for equipment manufacturers to scale infrastructure economically and effectively, they must leverage the latest optical interconnect technologies, suh as CFP2 and in the future CFP4, to increase bandwidth while lowering power and cost.

By working with network developers, Xilinx anticipated this need and developed transceiver-rich, high performance, programmable devices comprising heterogeneous silicon die. The technology supports the required 28 gigabits per second (Gb/s) channels for CFP2 optics and delivers optimal signal integrity due to its heterogeneous architecture. With high logic capacity and specific IP for communications applications, the latest Xilinx devices provide extensive levels of system integration to usher in the migration of next-generation optics.

Download the complete white paper White Paper: Virtex-7 FPGAs here.

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