XilixVU440The Xilinx Ultrascale VU440 3D FPGA is constructed using “Xinterposer” 3D IC technology jointly developed by Xilinx and TSMC. It uses a low-k dielectric chip fabricated on 20nm silicon node with a total of 375,000 micron bumps stacked on 25mm x 45mm silicon interposer and assembled with CoWoS. The composite 3D FPGA consists of approximately 19 billion transistors.

The Ultrascale VU440 represents a silicon interposer product on the largest interposer fabricated with a size exceeding the reticle. Field stitching is used for the lithography as it surpasses the size of the reticle. The Interposer is mounted with C4 bumps on a 55mm x 55mm organic substrate. The silicon interposer has acceptable warpage/coplanarity and passed 1,000 TCB and 1,000 hours HTS without any failure or voiding in the low-k, micro bumps or C4 bumps.

Xilinx Website
Date this Product was Introduced to the market: May 2015
Category Product is Being Nominated for: Devices (including interposer, 3D IC, 3D Memory, Heterogeneous Integration)
Technical Documentation for the Ultrascale VU440

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