NSX320_handlerProduct Description
The NSX 320 Metrology Series combines macro inspection and 3D metrology for advanced packaging applications. The demonstrated 3D measurement capability from Tamar Technology is now incorporated onto the industry standard NSX Macro Inspection System to offer a complete 2D/3D inspection and metrology solution for unique advanced packaging process requirements.

Process control inspection and metrology are critical to cost-effective and reliable TSV manufacturing. Through Rudolph’s acquisition of Tamar assets, the new NSX 320 Metrology Series is introduced. The new system is a combination of inspection plus metrology in a cost-effective and powerful solution that applies to most of the TSV process steps. The solution applies from via etch to temporary bonding, wafer thinning (remaining silicon thickness), via reveal, RDL, micro-bumping, post-saw and chip-on-wafer mount. There are alternative technologies offered as a single-point solution at various steps in the TSV process, but deploying multiple metrology solutions has been impractical due to budget. The Rudolph solution uses a common automation platform with several different metrology configurations, of which one configuration is specifically designed for TSV manufacturing.

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