CMP/CMC/MOSIS announced a Grenoble-France based partnership for a 3D-IC multi-project wafer (MPW) service based on Tezzaron’s SuperContact technology and GLOBALFOUNDRIES 130nm CMOS.

CMP brokers ICs and MEMS for prototyping and low volume production. Circuits are fabricated for universities, research laboratories and industrial companies.

CMC Microsystems is a non-profit organization formed in 1984 that supports microelectronics and microsystems R&D in Canada. CMC delivers engineering services, design tools, operates test labs and arranges manufacturing for clients who can also access a database of university-based collaborators, technology and economy based reports.

Based in Marina del Rey, CA, MOSIS provides fabrication services to designers of advanced integrated circuits (ICs). Through its global network of foundry partners, the company offers customers a faster and more affordable route to market with leading-edge solutions for prototype and low-volume production.

The first MPW run is targeting January 2011 and will focus on:

  • 2-tier face-to-face bonded wafers
  • 130nm CMOS process for both tiers
  • Top tier exposing TSV and backside metal pads for wire bonding.

A design-kit supporting 3D-IC design with standard-cells and IO libraries is available. Further MPW runs will be scheduled supporting process flavors (multiple tiers beyond 2, different CMOS flavors for different tiers, …) driven by user requirements. Potential users are encouraged to contact CMP/CMC/MOSIS for details.

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