When I opened Lee Smith’s email yesterday to find the updated agenda for Spring 2009 IMAPS Global Business Council, I thought maybe I’d died and gone to 3D heaven. Called “Supply Chain Development for 3D Packaging”, the agenda for this one-day event preceding the Device Packaging Symposium is jam-packed with keynote-level speakers whose presentations span the 3D spectrum, giving air time to much more than the latest in TSV, although it certainly gets its due. Committee co-chairs, Lee Smith, VP of business development at Amkor, and Jie Xue, Ph.D. director of technology and quality at Cisco Systems, Inc. have done such a stellar job of putting together a content-rich program that I predict standing-room-only.

“I am very pleased with the overwhelming support we received from industry experts to speak at this event,” says Smith. “I’ve been involved with 3D packaging from folded flex assemblies to TSV interconnects over the past 28 years and believe this conference is a must-attend for anyone who is looking to develop, use or supply 3D IC, TSV or 3D packaging technologies.” He added that the GBC forum’s high level of speakers and attendees fosters open communication and is unique because rather than discussing technologies or products, the focus is placed on the business and logistics issues associated with developing a capable supply chain, which is critical to both users and suppliers.

This year Jan Vardaman, president, TechSearch International sets the tone with her keynote, “Market Demand, Applications, and Requirements for 3D Packaging and 3D ICs”. The morning session focuses on supply chain collaboration from R&D to commercialization of 3D ICs with TSVs beginning with “The Role of Consortia”, featuring presentations by Rosalia Beica of EMC3D, and Eric Beyne of IMEC. Next, executives from several IC suppliers offer their perspectives. Among them, Bob Patti, of Tezzaron offers insight as an early supplier of 3D IC products, talking about obstacles his company faced due to lack of supply chain infrastructure.

During lunch, Bill McLean of IC Insights will offer a keynote on an upbeat topic, “Poised for Quick Rebound”. Hopefully this will help boost attendee optimism about the economic climate, or at least get us through desert without causing a room full of indigestion.

The afternoon is divided into two sessions, “3D Packaging, TSV, Roadmap, and Supply Chain/Technology Development” and “Multi-sources of Supply and Lessons Learned from 3D Packaging-based Products”. Here’s where other 3D flavors share the spotlight with TSV. Bill Bottoms of Nanonexus will talk about system-in-package (SiP) integration for 3D, Bob Lanzone of Amkor will unveil the company’s next-generation package-on-package (PoP) built on its proprietary through mold via (TMV) technology platform, and Marc Robinson, CTO of Vertical Circuits, will no doubt at least touch on the company’s jetted silver-filled polymer interconnect technology for chip stacking in his presentation, “Rolling Out a New Packaging Technology; Maximizing Supply Chain Opportunities.”

For maximum value, Smith recommends that technologists and business leaders consider coordinating their companies participation in the GBC and the two and a half days of strong 3D technical papers and exhibits that follow at the IMAPS Device Packaging Conference. “Within Amkor, we see the GBC and DPC as our top conference for 2009 participation; due to the quality of the topics, speakers, attendees,” he says. “and of course our Arizona weather in March is a huge draw.”

Let’s see, all the 3D I could possibly want to know about; a 3-day exchange of ice and snow for warm sunshine… I’ve heard enough. Come March 8-11, you know where to find me and my laptop. Hope to see you all there. – F.v.T

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