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About MZ Technologies

About MZ Technologies

MZ Technologies is the marketing function of Monozukuri S.p.A.  Monozukuri’s mission is to conquer 2.5D & 3D design challenges for next generation electronic products by delivering innovative, ground-breaking EDA software solutions and methodologies. The technology redefines the co-design of heterogeneous microelectronic systems by providing an improved level of automation in three-dimensional interconnect optimization.

The MZ Technologies GENIOTM product family is aimed at reducing the time to design for complex Chiplet and 3D-IC heterogeneous IC systems, through an improved level of management, automation and optimization. GENIOTM includes features to help accomplish the required area, power and performance requirements of the chiplet, through multi-level co-design of die, interconnect interposer, and surrounding PCB area. Components are integrated through standard formats including LEF, GDS, DEF, AIf, Verilog, and TXT/CSV file, and are compatible with major EDA design platforms.

GENIOTM Feature Highlights

  • Integrated environment for Chiplet and package implementation and analysis.
  • Interconnect manager which represents and maintains the interconnect model of the package.
  • Cross-Hierarchical 3D-aware pathfinding engine which identifies the best interconnect connections, optimizing the connections in the package.
  • 3D visualization of complete system.
  • What if exploration and analysis.
  • System Wide I/O planning and optimization.
  • ASIC pad ring layout optimization.
  • Flip-Chip RDL routing optimization.
  • Comprehensive support for physical, electrical, DFM and DFT design rules.
  • Pre-routing parasitics estimation, enabling early system static timing analysis.

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