Adeia Inc. (Nasdaq: ADEA), a leading innovator in research and development who has pioneered hybrid bonding in the semiconductor industry, has chosen PulseForge photonic debonding equipment for advanced heterogeneous integration in semiconductors. The tool was installed at Adeia’s San Jose, CA, facility.

photonic debonding equipment makes this possible.

“We are excited to partner with PulseForge and incorporate their state-of-the-art photonic debonding equipment into our advanced packaging facility,” stated Dr. Laura Mirkarimi, senior vice president of engineering at Adeia. “This enhanced capability enables us to process thinned wafers and further drive innovation in the industry.”

Debonding is a critical process in semiconductor packaging, allowing for the separation of temporarily bonded carriers from thinned wafers. Adeia recognizes the performance of PulseForge’s photonic debonding tool and its unique inorganic light-absorbing layer, which ensures improved yield and a clean debond.

PulseForge Debonding Animation SD from PulseForge, Inc. on Vimeo.

“We are proud to be selected by Adeia as a tool supplier,” said Jonathan Gibson, CEO at PulseForge. “Our photonic debonding technology provides a cost-effective alternative to existing industry methods, and with its unique advantages, we are confident that it will enable Adeia to achieve new levels of performance in their advanced packaging applications.”

The partnership between Adeia and PulseForge underscores the importance of innovation and collaboration in the semiconductor industry. The equipment manufacturer innovations must meet the process technology developer requirements to drive future semiconductor packaging technology advancement.

Learn more information about PulseForge and its Photonic Debonding technology.

About PulseForge:

PulseForge, Inc. utilizes applied energy in a precise and targeted manner to enable innovation in industrial manufacturing. Our expertise and tools empower our customers to explore novel materials and manufacturing methodologies, driving dynamic and efficient production at an industrial scale.

About Adeia:

Adeia is a leading R&D and intellectual property (IP) licensing company that accelerates the adoption of innovative technologies in the media and semiconductor industries. Adeia’s fundamental innovations underpin technology solutions that are shaping and elevating the future of digital entertainment and electronics. Adeia’s IP portfolios power the connected devices that touch the lives of millions of people around the world every day as they live, work, and play. For more information, please visit


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