SAN DIEGO, CA – September 13, 2022 – Chiplets Offer Designers a Drop-In Approach

Chiplet Summit will be the first event to include all aspects of chiplet-based development. Debuting at the Doubletree by Hilton San Jose on January 24-26, it will cover partitioning, architecture, design methods, interfaces, packaging, and test and integration. Sessions will focus on handling new process nodes, reducing costs, and allowing easy drop-in of existing designs. Attendees will learn how to increase modularity and create markets for chiplet IP. The results are designs that perform better
and shrink time-to-market.

The Summit will feature major vendor keynotes, expert tables, and technology and market updates. It will also include panels on development platforms, optimization, short-term and long-term trends, and viable markets. An exhibit area will feature the
latest products from industry leaders. “Chiplet-based development will require teams of specialists who can work together,”
said Chuck Sobey, Summit General Chair. He noted that, “Teams must be familiar with off-the-shelf IP, standards, and heterogeneous design methods.”

To discuss exhibiting, contact:
Elizabeth Leventhal,
Exhibit Sales Manager

To ask about the program, contact:
Lance Leventhal, Program Chairperson

About the Chiplet Summit
Chiplet Summit, produced by Semper Technologies, focuses on the mainstream applications, key technologies, and leading vendors that are driving the rapidly expanding chiplet market. It is the first event featuring the trends, innovations, and influencers driving the adoption of chiplets in demanding processor, coprocessor, memory, communications, and AI/ML applications.

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