Schiltron 3D FlashSchiltron 3D Flash replaces 2D-NAND. It uses a unique architecture solving key challenges associated with other 3D-NAND approaches: scalable; no vanishing string currents; uses existing Fab infrastructure and materials; uses existing design approaches for program and erase; endurance of over a million cycles; post-cycling retention of more than 10 years at 85℃.

The Schiltron 3D Flash approach provides an alternative path to post 2D-NAND high density Flash. Its origins lie in the desire to extend the benefits of SONOS to a 3D contactless string. In addition, it leverages the existing infrastructure in Fab, materials and design that has evolved over 25 years of 2D-NAND production. The basic device structure allows photolithography to be used to laterally scale the cell and so maximize the number of chips per wafer. This evolutionary combination is in contrast to the more advertised 3D-NAND architectures and provides a less risky path to success.

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