Tessera Technologies, Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.  announced today that Tessera’s subsidiaries Tessera, Inc. and Invensas Corporation each entered into new patent license agreements with Samsung.

“We are pleased to announce an expanded relationship with Samsung, one of the leading mobile device and semiconductor chip manufacturers in the world,” said Tom Lacey, president and chief executive officer, Tessera Technologies, Inc. “Our Tessera, Inc. semiconductor packaging portfolio continues to be used by many leading companies, and Invensas continues to license its semiconductor and semiconductor packaging portfolio while innovating with next generation packaging solutions like its multi-die face down (xFD™), Bond Via Array (BVA™), and 3D IC packaging solutions. Tessera looks forward to continuing to deepen our long-standing relationship with Samsung.”

“Tessera has been an innovator in semiconductor packaging for many years,” said Tae-Gyeong Chung, senior vice president and head of semiconductor packaging, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. “Samsung is delighted to have expanded our existing relationship with Tessera, Inc. and established a new relationship with Invensas. Beyond patent licenses, we look forward to working with Invensas and exploring the potential benefits of its current and future technologies.”

The specific terms and conditions of the agreements are confidential and have not been disclosed by the companies.


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