The public opinion poll closed for the first annual 3D InCites Awards on Wednesday July 3, with over 1350 votes cast for 25 nominees in 5 categories. While this poll only represents one vote in the final tally for the awards, I think it’s worth acknowledging the poll winners themselves.

In the 3D Products (Design/Products) category, Xilinx is leading the pack with 78 votes for its Virtex-7 H580T. (Ziptronix is right on its heels with 70 votes for Copper DBI Technology for 3D Memory Assemblies.)

In 3D Design Tools, Mentor Graphics’ Calibre grabbed a solid 127 votes, with Apache Design’s Redhawk 3DX next at 84 votes.

In the 3D Equipment category, EV Group’s EVG850TB/DB XT is almost neck-and-neck with SSEC’s 3300 Series for TSV clean, with a 20 vote lead (124 to 104).

Only 10 votes separate Dow Corning’s Temporary Bonding Solution  from Dynaloy’s CoatsClean in the 3D Materials category.

And finally, in the Test and Reliability Tools/Equipment, Mentor’s Tessant MemoryBIST is way out in front with 119 votes, with Rudolph Technologies’ NSX 320 Metrology Series next in line with 31 votes.

Congratulations to the poll winners and for those who submitted votes, thank you all for playing! It will be interesting to see how this contest compares with the final judges decisions. The official award winners will be announced next week at the 3D InCites Awards Breakfast, held Thursday, July 11, 2013 from 8-10am, at the Impress Lounge above Moscone North. The 3D InCites Award Winners Showcase will be posted on 3D InCites following the event.

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