EVG850TBDB_XTProduct Description
The EVG850TB/DB XT temporary bonding/debonding platform addresses the high volume manufacturing needs for thin wafer processing. Nine process modules combined with integrated FOUP storage system allow true continuous mode of operation with an unprecedented throughput of >40 bonds/debonds per hour. The EVG850TB/DB XT supports all common bonding adhesives and various debonding technologies.

Cost, yield and dedicated manufacturing solutions are the key factors for the implementation of 3D ICs in high volume production. The EVG850TB/DB XT platform addresses the cost issue by more than doubling the throughput compared to previous systems while maintaining a small footprint.

High yield manufacturing is always connected to the technical ability to actually inspect and measure the product quality. The integrated in-line metrology system allows real time monitoring and inspection of 100% of the production. Statistical process control  allows the immediate detection of process excursions before they have a significant impact on yield in volume manufacturing.

High yield at low cost drives the need for individual dedicated solutions for 2.5D interposer, memory and logic. The EVG850TB/DB XT strengthens a versatile materials supply chain as it supports spin-on adhesives, dry film adhesives and adhesive tapes. Mechanical debonding at room temperature, laser debonding, tape debonding and thermal slide off debonding have been implemented and qualified.

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