Product Description
CoatsClean ER105Dyn2[3]CoatsClean ER105 is a wet resist and residue remover that has been successfully used to remove post-Bosch and post-RIE etch residue created in the formation of TSVs. It offers good process margin, allowing it to be incorporated into both spray and immersion, singe wafer and batch-type process.

Photoresist and residue removal in post TSV wet cleans in 3D packaging applications are advancing due to the superior cleaning performance of CoatsClean® ER105. This new and unique formulation technology completely removes all photoresist and etch residue from the TSV sidewalls in a single wafer process. Cleaning results have surpassed results obtained using other cleaning solutions. The solution has been integrated into a manufacturing process which includes cleaning TSVs in Si and in oxide.

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