Product Description
Dow Corning temporary bonding solution is a bi-material silicone based technology featuring low cost of ownership and room temperature bonding and debonding. The chemical and thermally stable materials are spin-on type and can be use for wafer thinning down to 50um providing a global TTV of 2um on stack.

Walter Ganzevles, imec says “Dow Corning silicone-based materials hold the promise of cost reduction and manufacturability of 2.5D/3D technologies.Through simplifying the wafer thinning process, Dow Corning’s bonding materials pave the way towards a simple, cost-effective, room-temperature bonding-debonding technique based on standard manufacturing processes.”

Thorsten Matthias, EV Group says “Dow Corning’s bi-layer spin-on temporary bonding adhesive is an innovative solution for thin wafer processing. The material exhibits strong stability to chemicals familiar to TSV fabrication. Bonded wafers showed good thermal stability up to 300°C, enabling a wide process window for TSV manufacturing. TTV less than 2 µm has been demonstrated on 200-mm and 300-mm wafers. Debonding is performed by mechanical separation at room temperature enabling high throughput and low cost-of-ownership. Dow Corning’s bi-layer spin-on temporary bonding solution has been implemented on our established EVG850 production systems. Dow Corning’s technology will be a great contribution to 2.5D/3D IC high volume manufacturing.



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