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Calling All 3D and Advanced Packaging Groupies: Your Input is Requested!

Here’s the great thing about establishing a community like 3D InCites: you’ve suddenly got the people who care the most about the topic literally at your fingertips. That’s one of the reasons SEMI came to me for advice on setting up the 3D IC and advanced packaging programs at SEMICON West 2011. They knew I’d reach out to the community to find out what the most compelling topics would be. ... »

SPP Process Technology Systems (SPTS) Celebrates One Year Anniversary

SPP Process Technology Systems (SPTS), a subsidiary of Sumitomo Precision Products Co., Ltd. (SPP), celebrates one year since it began operations in November 2009, while opening its new San Jose office. The new facility serves as home to SPTS’ Thermal Products Division and North American sales and support headquarters. Following the acquisition of Aviza Technology assets by Sumitomo Precision P... »

3D Integration Research, SEMATECH Style

SEMATECH’s story is one that is truly built upon the essence of collaboration.  SEMATECH is not a traditional research center.  Rather, it is a technology research consortium that exists to serve the best interests of its worldwide members and partners. Originally established in Austin, TX as an experiment in combining government and industry to further the development of semiconductor t... »

IMAPS 3D Panel Presents United Front

Keith Cooper, Technology and Development, SET North America reports from 2010 IMAPS International , where he attended the 3D Panel, “Roadmap, Technical and Business Progress of 3D Integration and Packaging”. At the recent IMAPS Annual Meeting in Raleigh, NC, a panel of 3D experts addressed a series of questions moderated by Prof. James Lu of RPI.   While individual opinions on the panel »

My Sojourn to SEMATECH

I’m a big believer in building relationships. One of my goals with 3D InCites is to make the rounds of all the research organizations with 3D IC programs, not only to ogle all the cool tools and compare 300mm clean rooms, but to get a real feel for how each organization operates, how they are similar and different from each other, and most importantly, to get to know the people who work there on »

What’s in Store for 3D Fans at IWLPC 2010

I was so busy making sure I have all the bios and presentations for the 3D sessions I’m chairing at this year’s IWLPC, which got underway today with its half-day tutorials, that I was LATE checking in on Southwest and ended up  in the B group for boarding. I hate that. Last time that happened, I got stuck sitting next to a woman who’s son had a peanut allergy, so she had made sure that Sout... »

R&D Round-up Part 2: CEA-Leti rolls out TSV and Non-TSV Demonstrators

Reporting progress for CEA-Léti was 3D program manager Mark Scannell, who notes an overall shift in what’s driving Léti's 3D developments. »

3D R&D Round-up: Part 1: RTI International

At last month’s 3D Architectures for Semiconductor Integration and Packaging Conference, coordinated by RTI International, three government-funded research institutes – RTI, CEA-Leti, and MIT Lincoln Laboratories reported on the status of their progress in the 3D integration space. »