Here’s the great thing about establishing a community like 3D InCites: you’ve suddenly got the people who care the most about the topic literally at your fingertips. That’s one of the reasons SEMI came to me for advice on setting up the 3D IC and advanced packaging programs at SEMICON West 2011. They knew I’d reach out to the community to find out what the most compelling topics would be.

So here’s what they’ve recruited me to work on: a 3D IC Summit tentatively featuring an executive supply chain panel; a TechXpot time slot for presentations that fall under the topic, Packaging Trends and Opportunities in 3D IC; and an Advanced Packaging TechXpot time slot which I expect will cover emerging packaging technologies like copper wire bonding,embedded die, fan-out WLP, LED packging, and heterogeneous integration, etc. (Additionally, there’s a 3D IC Codesign TechXpot in the works under someone else’s jurisdiction.)

With so much progress being made towards market adoption of 3D TSV technologies; and 3D WLP, FO WLP, and 2.5 TSVs in CMOS images sensors and interposers hitting volume manufacturing, the challenge is deciding what topics attendees will find most compelling. So as potential exhibitors and attendees, here’s where you come in; what do you feel is most vital to learn about, and what have you heard enough of? I’m serious about this. Your opinion will be taken into consideration when developing these programs.

I’ve even made it easy for you.  You can either post a comment here, or take the brief survey.  Here’s your big chance to be heard!

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