In my last editorial as managing editor of Advanced Packaging magazine, I suggested we should turn to the Magic 8 Ball to predict the rebound of the semiconductor manufacturing industry. But even my trusty 8 Ball couldn’t have predicted my fate a week later, when the decision was made to integrate Advanced Packaging into Solid State Technology. However, as I’ve been told by many pioneers of emerging technology in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, a down-turn in the economy is a great time to innovate. Thus the launch of this Blog. After all, career innovations count, don’t they?

My final curtain call was an interview with Replisaurus CEO, Jim Quinn and CTO, Mike Thompson, who talked about how the company is in a great position to hit the ground running when the economy rebounds. Their big news was that it’s subsidiary, Smart Equipment Technology (S.E.T) will collaborate with IMEC to develop die pick-and-place and bonding processes for 3D chip integration using S.E.T.’s flip chip bonder equipment. This will invariably open doors for the start-up’s proprietary technology, electrochemical replication process (ECPR).

So that’s the type of content readers can expect to find on this blog. After all, industry innovators without deep pockets for advertisng still need to get the word out about their progress. The success of this industry rests on the shoulders of such companies. I’m happy to do what I can to give them a leg up. F.v.T.

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