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3D IC Test: Now and The Road Ahead

Solutions for 3D IC test are ready today, but they will be more ready tomorrow. At the 2015 ISTFA, I presented a tutorial titled “What is New in 3D, Digital Testing?” and I’ll summarize the main points here. I consider test standards and test challenges, which include known-good-die and testing stacked die. The two main goals of 3D IC test are to improve the pre-packaged test quality and to ... »

Defining Test Access Between Stacked Die

Defining Test Access Between Stacked Die

Accelerating the adoption of interposer and 3D designs depends on several advances across the design and manufacturing ecosystem. Standards are a part of the ecosystem. Now, stay with me. I know standards put some people to sleep, but I won’t be going into any gory details, just talking about the motivations and status of some key standards relating to silicon test. First, there is an update to ... »