Haris Osman

About Haris

About Haris

Haris Osman has 23 years of experience in the Electronics and Semiconductor Industry. Proven track record in setting up and leading efficient multi-cultural teams across Asia and Europe. Currently employed as Director of CMORE technology department, imec, Belgium.

Broad experience in various aspects of semiconductor industry including process technology development, planning and execution of complex projects in an R&D Fab and technology transfer & yield ramp in a volume foundry. Extensive experience in customer management across Asia, Europe and the US.

Haris Joined IMEC, Belgium in 2008 to bring in best practices from Industry to imec's R&D fabs. He was promoted to the role of department director of CMORE technology since Oct/2011. CMORE-T is a group of over 50 highly qualified researchers, who work very closely with industrial partners to develop silicon process technology for next generation applications.

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