Glass substrates

The semiconductor industry is experiencing a significant shift towards the use of glass substrates, driven by their superior performance characteristics and suitability for high-frequency applications. As these trends gain momentum, Plan Optik AG is poised to play a critical role, thanks to its extensive expertise in glass wafer and panel manufacturing.

The Rise of Glass Substrates

Glass substrates are gaining favor due to their low dielectric loss, high thermal stability, and excellent surface quality, making them ideal for advanced packaging and 5G applications. Industry leaders are increasingly recognizing the advantages of glass over traditional materials such as silicon and organic laminates, especially in applications requiring high performance and miniaturization.

Comprehensive Capabilities and Expertise

Plan Optik AG stands as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of glass substrates, with over 50 years of experience in glass processing. This positions the company as a top manufacturer of complex glass products tailored to customer-specific specifications. The company offers a complete process chain, from pre-processing like grinding and polishing to patterning such as wet-etching, laser patterning, CNC machining, powder blasting, and various coatings. Annually, Plan Optik AG produces over half a million wafers, underscoring its capacity and reliability.

With these advanced capabilities, Plan Optik AG ensures the highest standards in glass substrate manufacturing, making it a reliable partner for technological needs.

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