MRSI Systems offers a variety of service contract options to provide fixed cost material, labor, and expenses for machine repairs. In addition, we offer preventative maintenance and calibration programs to ensure your machines are operating at top efficiency. Our comprehensive training programs offer a cost-efficient solution from basic operator training to more advanced programming.

Based at our Massachusetts, US headquarters, MRSI offers a comprehensive set of training programs covering our family of products. Led by experienced engineers, the programs are tailored to suit each customer’s needs, including concepts of robot orientation, teaching alignments, the die bonding process and production set up.

The sessions are run over a 3-to-5-day period depending on the specific program. These are hands-on training programs and attendees will learn the following key features of our products:

  1. How to program your die bonding and epoxy dispensing systems for example how to teach a waffle pack and teach a tip to perform tasks.
  2. The major features of our software platform common to our systems including the intuitive Windows™ interface and how it simplifies the set-up and production process.
  3. How to access the library of waffle pack and die.
  4. How to set up calibration routines.
  5. How to turn a simple machine into a powerful tool to allow die and placement locations to be taught for use in the future.
  6. Ability to use die in multiple programs and to reteach easily.
  7. Alternate die capability allowing the system to automatically switch between alternate vendors of die.
  8. Our sophisticated advanced vision systems, enabling rapid detection and orientation of die over a full 360°.


Training course options:

  • Introductory
  • Programming and Operations
  • Advanced Programming and Operations
  • Technical and Maintenance
  • Advanced Technical and Maintenance


Example of items covered in an Advanced Programming & Operations course:

  • Understanding the System, Robot, Table, and Program Orientation
  • Use of all components of the Vision System
  • Teaching Input Stations, Waffle packs, Die, Alternate Die
  • Teaching and Use of Global, Edge, Pad, Local Alignments
  • Teaching, Manipulating, and Merging Substrate Programs
  • Manipulation of the Database Programs and File Management
  • Production Setup, Operation, and Error Handling
  • Programming with Customer’s Die and Substrates


To learn more visit the MRSI training programs website.


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