Top 3D InCites Podcast Episodes of 2022

I got the notification while I was visiting with my family in Vermont over Christmas: Congratulations from Buzzsprout for 7500 podcast downloads! I was very excited because, in the podcast world, that’s a significant achievement. Did you know that there are over 2.4 million podcasts with over 66 million episodes between them? That’s a lot of content to choose from!

In fact, according to Buzzsprout research, in the first seven days of release, only the top 1% of podcasts get more than 3,994 downloads, and only the top 50% get more than 30 downloads. These days, we’re coming in regularly between the top 25% (93 downloads in seven days) and 50%. We’ve also published more than 50 episodes since we first launched in May of 2021.  We think this is something to celebrate.

So to close out Season 2 of the 3D InCites podcast, and wrap up 2022, we thought we’d list the top podcast episodes of 2022 based on the number of downloads. We also included our top five picks just in case you missed them.

Conversations about What We Learned from ECTC 2022

S2E16 – Released on June 9, 2022 – 252 downloads

In this episode recorded live at ECTC 2022, I sat down with some industry visionaries from key players in the industry (Marvell, EV Group, Adeia, TEL, and ASE Group) and leading global research institutes (UCLA CHIPs and Fraunhofer IZM-ASSID) to find out what they shared and learned at ECTC 2022.

S2E18 – A Conversation with the SEMI Market Intelligence Team About the Equipment Market

Released on June 23, 2022 – 207 downloads

In the first of a four-part Market Intelligence series sponsored by SEMI, we focused on the Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Market. Guests include Sanjay Malhotra, Vice President of Corporate Marketing and the Market Intelligence Team, and Inna Skvortsova, one of the Analysts in the Market Intelligence Group.

A Conversation with Semiconductor Market Analysts about Reaching $1Trillion by 2030

S2E9 – Released April 12, 2022 – 196 downloads

We spent the week of April 4-8 at the SEMI Industry Strategy Symposium, where industry leaders gathered to discuss the key issues facing the semiconductor industry and set goals for the next year – and beyond. In this episode, I spoke with some of the market analysts who presented their 2022 projections: Jan Vardaman, of TechSearch International, Andrea Lati of TechInsights, and Bob Johnson, of Gartner.

Member Spotlight: Conversations from SEMICON West 2022 and DAC 2022

S2E23, Released July 28, 2022 – 188 downloads

In this episode, we visit 3D InCites member companies on the trade show floor at SEMICON West and the Design Automation Conference to learn about what they are showcasing this year. This is something that we now offer to all our members at industry partner events like SEMICON West, IMAPS International, ECTC, IMAPS DPC, and SEMICON Europa.

Keynote Conversations from SEMICON Europa about Technology Advancements, Sustainability, and Workforce Development

S2E13 Released November 23, 2022 – 165 downloads

One of the most recent episodes we recorded hit the top five right away. Recorded live at SEMICON Europa 2022, in Munich Germany, it features interviews with select keynote speakers representing the depth and breadth of topics discussed throughout the week.

Podcaster Picks

These five episodes may not have reached the same numbers, but we think the content is so important and the conversations so interesting, that they’re worth your time listening. Quite frankly, we’re surprised they weren’t the top five based on downloads. So if you missed them the first time, we recommend you check them out.

  • A Conversation about The Ukrainian Neon Gas Shortage S2E8 – Release April 08, 2022
  • An Unedited Conversation over Breakfast with the SemiSisters – S2E10 – Released April 15, 2022
  • A Conversation about Creating a Risk-Ready Supply Chain – S2E11 – Released April 18, 2022
  • A Conversation About the Role Veterans Can Play in the Microelectronics Industry Workforce – S2E26 – Released August 18, 2022
  • A Conversation About Breaking Through the Semiconductor Glass Ceiling – S2E32 – Released Oct. 6, 2022

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