Minneapolis, Minnesota — October 7, 2022 — CyberOptics® Corporation (NASDAQ: CYBE), a leading global developer and manufacturer of high-precision 3D sensing technology solutions, will exhibit at SEMICON Europa 2022, scheduled to take place November 15-18, 2022 at the Messe Munchen in Munich, Germany. The company will feature its next-generation WaferSense® Auto Teaching System™ (ATS2), the new ReticleSense® Auto Teaching System™ (ATSR) and the In-Line Particle Sensor in Booth #C1101.

ATS2 and ATSR are multi camera sensors used with CyberSpectrum™ software to teach accurate wafer and reticle hand-off­ calibration for proper alignment and set-up of semiconductor tools. The sensors “see” inside to capture three dimensional o­ff-set data (x, y and z) in real-time to quickly teach wafer and reticle transfer positions – all without opening the tools. Process and equipment engineers can conduct repeatable and reproducible setups and maintenance checks, speed trouble-shooting and eliminate technician-to-technician variation.

The company will also feature the In-Line Particle Sensor (IPS) with CyberSpectrum™ software that detects particles in gas and vacuum lines 24/7 down to 0.1µm. The sensor is particularly relevant for EUVL tools to monitor particles in-line. The device is an extension of the industry-leading Airborne Particle Sensor (APS/APSRQ) technology that is documented by fabs as the Best-Known Method (BKM).

WaferSense and ReticleSense sensors are widely used for various applications including leveling, vibration, gapping, relative humidity, resistance and airborne particles. Semiconductor fabs worldwide rely on these real-time measurement sensors to improve yields, processes and tool uptime.

For more information, visit www.cyberoptics.com.


About CyberOptics

CyberOptics Corporation (www.cyberoptics.com) is a leading global developer and manufacturer of high-precision 3D sensing technology solutions. CyberOptics’ sensors are used for inspection and metrology in the SMT and semiconductor capital equipment markets to significantly improve yields and productivity. By leveraging its leading-edge technologies, the Company has strategically established itself as a global leader in high precision 3D sensors, allowing CyberOptics to further increase its penetration of key vertical markets. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, CyberOptics conducts worldwide operations through its facilities in North America, Asia and Europe.


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