The 4th CIIE was held successfully, let’s see which semiconductor companies appeared at the event.

The opening ceremony of the 4th China International Import Expo (CIIE) and Hongqiao International Economic Forum was held in Shanghai on November 4th, 2021. Nearly 3000 exhibitors from 127 countries and regions appeared, and the number of countries and enterprises exceeded that of the previous session. AT the opening ceremony, President Xi Jinping delivered the keynote speech entitled “Let the Open Spring Warm the World”.

President Xi said: “China will unswervingly safeguard true multilateralism, share market opportunities with the world, promote high-level opening-up and safeguard the common interests of the world.” He once again stressed China’s determination to open up. He said that opening up is characteristic of China. While COVID-19 is not yet under control and the road ahead to world economic recovery is bumpy, China is willing to work with other countries to build an open world economy and let the open spring breeze warm the world.

There were many semiconductor companies that appeared at the Expo, including AMD, SK Hynix, DuPont, Amkor Technology, and others.

At the Expo, AMD highlighted its server solution based on AMD EPYC processor (Figure 1). According to AMD, up until now, the third generation AMD EPYC processor has broken more than 200 World Records for server performance. On the premise of maintaining the same computing power, the CPU energy efficiency of the third generation AMD EPYC server has been improved by 50%, enabling the green data center to help achieve China’s It has been widely deployed in large domestic internet companies, telecom operators, banks, securities, and education enterprises.

Figure 1: AMD Epyc keeps breaking server performance records.

AMD Ryzen Thread Ripper solution also appeared at the Expo. This solution has been adopted in Lenovo ThinkStation P620 and combined with the Dassault system, DELMIA. The tripartite solution is a powerful tool to help the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry.

During the Expo, DuPont announced a new cooperative relationship with Kempur Microelectronics, Inc. DuPont’s innovative tradition in the field of lithography technology will enrich Kempur’s material tools and help it quickly provide products to customers according to their expansion and innovation needs. Relevant personnel of DuPont lithography technologies said: “Throughout our history, DuPont’s semiconductor business strategy has always been committed to maintaining growth and innovation. Obviously, China is very important for the future and growth of the semiconductor industry.”

semiconductor companies
Figure 2: DuPont and Kempur announce partnership.

Sk Hynix also participated in the 4th CIIE, and it was also the exhibitor of the first CIIE. SK Hynix mainly displayed its DRAM products and NAND flash memory products. As we all know, SK Hynix has leading technical advantages and products in the memory storage market. Its DRAM products are widely used in mobile devices such as personal computers, laptops, data centers, and mobile phones. Its NAND flash memory products currently have a variety of product combinations with complete capacity, such as multi-level cell (MLC), triple-level cell (TLC), and other NAND flash memory adopting new technologies. In addition to single NAND, it also provides multi-chip packaging (MCP), embedded NAND flash memory, SSD, and other best NAND solutions that meet different needs of customers.

Amkor Technology participated in the Expo for the first time. As one of the world’s largest suppliers of outsourcing semiconductor advanced packaging design, packaging, and testing services, Amkor demonstrated its flip-chip solution in the form of CSP packaging, stacked packaging PoP, and dielectric layer PoP, as well as wafer bump process and wafer-level packaging.





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