Francoise will be presenting A Sustainable Future Requires Heterogeneous Integration at MicroTech 2021, the Annual IMAPS-UK Conference.

Session 5 at 3:15pm


In September 2015, 193 member states of the UN adopted 17 new sustainable development goals (SDGs) to make our world more prosperous, inclusive, sustainable, and resilient. As a result, key players in the semiconductor supply chain have established sustainability practices to support these goals. Additionally, companies are also endeavoring to meet the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Criteria that socially conscious investors use in their screening process.

From a technology perspective, we talk about heterogeneous integration (HI) as the solution for developing low-power, high-performance devices that contribute to achieving these goals by making possible things like 5G and electric vehicles, as well as progress in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) needed to support smart, sustainable cities and infrastructure. Companies must also be conscious of engaging in sustainable manufacturing practices to build these devices. Meeting both SDGs and ESG criteria requires input from cross-cultural, multidisciplinary groups of people.

When chips of different functionalities are integrated into a single device, we see increases in performance and power efficiency. Similarly, when individuals of different gender, races, and ethnicities are integrated into corporate culture, we see increases in innovation, productivity, and more promise for a sustainable future.  In this talk, we will look at the term, “heterogeneous integration” through a different lens, using it as an analogy of what can be accomplished when diversity, equity and inclusion become pillars of our corporate culture.

About MicroTech

MicroTech 2021 is the Annual IMAPS-UK Conference which, this year, focuses on Heterogeneous Integration – Packaging Future Microsystems. This online conference combines invited keynotes from ASE and 3D Incites and presentations from leading companies and research institutions, plus the opportunity to network with other attendees.

This event will present an insight into the world of Heterogeneous Integration (HI) for the microelectronics community. Heterogeneous Integration refers to the integration of separately manufactured components into a higher-level assembly (System-in-Package, known as SiP) that in the aggregate provides enhanced functionality and improved operational characteristics.  It is now the key technology direction going forward, driving the pace of advancement for greater intelligence and connectivity, higher bandwidth and performance, and lower latency and power per function, all at a more manageable cost.

MicroTech 2021 will deliver a vision of the key issues and developments in Heterogeneous Integration that will affect microelectronics packaging in the near future. The online conference will cover topics such as:

  • Advanced IC assembly
  • Embedded power modules
  • Integrated photonics
  • Printed interconnections
  • Future environmentally compliant adhesives
  • Transfer moulding
  • Wafer level processing

3D InCites Community Members ASE Group and SPTS are also on the agenda. William Chen, of ASE Group, will keynote The Future is Heterogeneous Integration and David Butler of SPTS will present during Session 4 Wafer Level Processes for HI.

The event runs 9am- 5pm Central European time.

For more information and registration:

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