Why is attending Design Automation Conference (DAC 2020) important for 3D InCites readers? Two of my previous employers – National Semiconductor and VLSI Technology – could not keep up with market requirements. Lack of competitive electronic design automation (EDA) tools limited their engineers’ productivity and eventually both of these – at one point, industry-leading IC vendors – got acquired by competitors. Today’s merchant EDA tools remain essential for designing single-die SoCs and are now also becoming very important for creating multi-die ICs and (sub)system solutions in advanced packaging. Organizers of DAC 2020 recognized this, and have selected speakers who will address these concerns.

Introduction to Virtual DAC 2020

The (DAC 2020) will be held virtually from July 20-24, 2020 and offers great opportunities to check – from the convenience of your work/home-office – how EDA tools can assist you and your teams to bring cost-competitive and feature-rich IC designs to market faster. This matrix gives you an overview of what DAC 2020 has to offer, from Monday to Friday.

Keynotes and Sky Talks

If you are interested in executive-level messages about our industry, please check the keynotes, starting Monday to Thursday at 9.20 am and the Sky Talks, which take place Monday – Thursday at 12.30 pm.

Advanced Packaging Events I recommend Specifically:

On Monday afternoon check out Tutorial 10, Parts 1 and 2, organized by Farhang Yazdani from Broadpak. Six advanced packaging experts, from Cadence, Intel, Marvell, Blue Cheetah Analog Design, Broadpak, and zGlue will present and discuss chiplet integration, specifically tools, methodologies, and infrastructure required to make this very innovative way of extending Moore’s Law with advanced packaging successful.

Also related to packaging, on Wednesday afternoon check out Next-generation On-chip and In-package networks. Several speakers from AMD, GeorgiaTech, and other universities will present their far-reaching perspectives about advanced packaging, e.g. how thousands of cores will be connected, and how photonics, 3D, and reconfigurable networks will impact the future.

On Thursday afternoon you can view Will die-to-die interface IP enable chiplet-based architectures to finally achieve market success? Bapi Vinnakota, from Open Compute Project Foundation, Andy Heinig from Fraunhofer IIS, and Tony Pialis from AlphaWave IP Corp will present how high speed and power-efficient interface IP can and will contribute to the success of chiplets and advanced packaging.


DAC 2020, the EDA industry’s main conference offers many more topics interesting and relevant for Advanced Packaging experts. Please use the pointers above to select the topics most useful for you and your company’s success.

Also, keep in mind that Semicon West is scheduled in parallel with DAC and see SEMI’s and Francoise’s recommendations.

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