It’s that time of year again! For the 5th consecutive year, SEMI Europe is hosting the European 3D Summit (formerly known as the 3D TSV Summit for editions 1-3), and it’s shaping up to be a stellar event. If you are still wavering about attending, here are 3D InCites’ top ten reasons to attend:

10: The opportunity to visit beautiful Grenoble, and taste the local fare with your industry colleagues.

3D Summit

9. Stock up on the best Mozartkugeln (and other great swag from the exhibitors like Siconnex), while learning about their latest offerings to optimize processes for 3D integration.


8: Find out what progress has been made over the past year, such as this 3D network on chip demonstrator Leti showcased in 2016.


7. Envision the future of 3D Integration with industry leaders from European research institutes, like Fraunhofer IZM-ASSID,
and take part in what comes next.

3D Summit6. Network with fun and knowledgeable folks from leading-edge 3D suppliers like Dow Electronic Materials, Besi, and Invensas. (You never know what they’ll have to say, right Hugo?)


5. Engage in one-on-one conversations with key customers like Cisco Systems.


  1. 4. Learn the latest about developments in thermal solutions for 3D: one of the remaining pain points.


3. Challenge last years winning Gala Quiz team to a rematch, and enjoy some new entertainment.


2. See your 3D efforts come to life in Minatec’s Innovation Showroom (Image courtesy of Minatec).


1. Help SOMEONE celebrate her birthday on Wednesday, January 25. img_8195

Have we convinced you? Register here and see you in a few weeks! ~ FvT.

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