slim_toprdlAmkor’s SLIM (siliconless integrated module) is a dies-last package technology providing the thinnest possible form factor with the highest level of integration by use of back-end-of-line technology combined with assembly-based fan-out architectures.  It has optimal registration, 3D access to top and bottom side of package and the finest line RDL capability found in packaging today!

SLIM is a lower cost, higher bandwidth package technology that improves both 2.5D and fan-out architectures with respect to RDL, profile and yield.  Its the industry’s most advanced packaging technique available today.

Amkor Website
Date this Product was Introduced to the market: 
November 2014
Category Product is Being Nominated for:
Devices (including interposer, 3D IC, 3D Memory, Heterogeneous Integration)
Technical Documentation for SLIM

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