SUSS MicroTec announced the installation of its ELP300 excimer laser stepper to support next-generation advanced packaging and 3D IC laser debonding applications at the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration (IZM), Berlin. The ELP300 excimer laser platform is designed for high volume manufacturing (HVM) and processing of 100mm to 300mm wafers. The platform provides two novel manufacturing technologies to Fraunhofer IZM used in advanced packaging and 3D applications: 1) Excimer ablation provides the means to directly create vias and microstructures to combat technical limitations of traditional photo-dielectrics and photolithography approaches and 2) laser debonding of 3D IC’s and MEMS for a stress-free, non-thermal and cost efficient method to debond thin wafers off a carrier. The Excimer laser stepper enables the development of higher performance packages in the manufacturing of next generation semiconductor devices, but also provides a significant cost savings potential.

As part of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Fraunhofer IZM specializes in applied and industrial contract research. Fraunhofer IZM’s focus is on electronic packaging technology and the integration of multifunctional electronics into systems. With the new ELP laser system the Fraunhofer IZM will broaden its expertise in thin film polymers. These polymers are an important building block in all wafer level packages. Currently the need for photosensitivity has limited the application of new polymers that are required for thinner devices and 3D stacking applications. With laser ablation, completely new polymer systems can be used with enhanced mechanical, physical and chemical properties like lower curing temperature, lower stress, and lower thermal coefficient of expansion. In addition the laser system will give a much higher flexibility for temporary wafer bonding. Ultrathin wafers can be handled safely without damage even at processes that require temperatures above 300°C.

“The ELP 300 will revolutionize technology in wafer level packaging and 3 D integration,” says Dr. Michael Toepper manager of WLP at Fraunhofer IZM. “The need for photosensitivity for thinfilm polymers has been a strong barrier for better mechanical properties that are essential for high reliability of electronic systems. In addition, the whole process becomes much cheaper and also much more environmentally friendly due to less consumption of organic solvents and TMAH.”

“We see high growth potential for this technology, especially in our core market of advanced packaging and the future growth market for 3D IC’s,” says Frank P. Averdung, President and CEO of SUSS MicroTec. “We have a long established relationship with the Fraunhofer IZM and we are excited to have our new excimer laser system installed at this leading research institute.”

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