RedhawkProduct Description
Apache Design’s fourth-generation RedHawk™-3DX simulation software technology extends previous generations’ capabilities to address sub-20 nanometer (nm) designs with 3+ gigahertz performance and billions of gates. It is also architected to support the simulation of emerging chip and packaging technologies using multi-die three-dimensional ICs (3D-ICs) for smart electronic products.

RedHawk allows designers to explore and identify physical design weaknesses that can result in power delivery failure, automatically repair the supply noise source, analyze the impact of dynamic voltage drop on timing and jitter, verify power and signal electromigration (EM), validate robustness of electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection circuitry using PathFinder™, and provide a power delivery network (PDN) model for system-level analysis using the Chip Power Model. RedHawk-3DX also leverages Apache’s RTL Power Model (RPM™) to provide more realistic switching activities for accurate power sign-off.

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