While there’s no denying that our registered members, guest bloggers, forum panelists, advisory board, and regular readers are all vital elements of the 3D InCites community, none of this would be possible without the financial input of our advertisers. So I would like to briefly take up some blog space to recognize them and thank them for their support.

EV Group was one of the first companies to invest in 3D InCites and believe in our core mission, which is to stir up interest in 3D integration technologies. The company has been a steady advertiser since October of 2009.  Without them, I have to say 3D InCites would not exist today. They have also been active participants in online discussions, and have taken advantage of additional sponsorship opportunities beyond simple banner advertising such as site visits and videos. If you would like to know how best to use 3D InCites to promote your company’s capabilities in the 3D market space, they’d be a good example to follow.

We’ve recently added three new advertisers for 2012, and I’m thrilled to welcome them aboard.  Invensas is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tessera Technologies, and has made a huge investment in developing effective solutions in the 3D arena. For starters, the company introduced the xFD (which stands for multi-die facen down) package family,  in which die elements on the package assembly are mounted face down, offset from one another allowing for easy interface to the interposer with a “through-window” wire bond process. Company president, Simon McElrea, calls this hybrid solution, which targets high end servers and Ultrabooks, a bridge processes from 2D to 3D.  He also says the company has more 3D processes in development, which is why he thought it would be good to establish a presence on 3D InCites. I couldn’t agree more and welcome them aboard. Expect to hear more about them in the coming weeks and months.

I’m also happy to officially welcome Ultratech to the 3D InCites family. The company is no stranger to 3D InCites, as Manish Ranjan, VP of product marketing at Ultratech, Inc. has been a regular interviewee and participant in our forum discussions for the past 3 years. I’ve come to rely on his market insight, and look forward to our discussions each year at SEMICON West. Ultratech is a market leader in lithography processes for the advanced packaging market. Manish has some great ideas for online discussions on 3D InCites. I’m looking forward to working with him to bring these to fruition.

The most recent addition, with their first ad appearing just this week, is Nordson ASYMTEK, whose dispense equipment and jetting technologies are ideal for getting adhesives and underfills into those tights spaces between stacked die in 3D TSVs, as well as in package-on-package and vertical interconnects. Everyone knows that materials are becoming more critical as feature sizes get smaller. We’re happy to have a company from the 3D materials area lend their support to our continued endeavor of communicating efforts to bring 3D to volume manufacturing.

In addition to bringing them a targeted audience, these companies realize the important role 3D InCites has played, and will continue to play, in bringing awareness about 3D integration process and technologies to the semiconductor manufacturing industry. I want to extend my sincere thanks for their participation and endorsement. I also invite any other companies whose products or services target the 3D packaging and emerging 3D IC to join in this endeavor and show their support by advertising on 3D InCites.  Thank you, and have a nice day!   ~ F.v.T.

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